Most semiautomatic pistols allow the chamber to be loaded by pulling back and releasing the slide after inserting a fresh magazine.  This is commonly known as the slingshot method of loading the pistol.

The stock Ruger 22/45 requires the user to depress the bolt stop lever manually to release the bolt.  If this is done without first pulling back on the bolt to relieve the pressure, it can result in unnecessary wear to the bolt stop and possibly to the face of bolt itself.  If the bolt stop wears excessively, the bolt will no longer be held open after the last shot is fired.

The KaneWolf bolt stop for the Ruger 22/45 pistol is spring assisted for positive and reliable action.  It will fit all polymer frame Mark III 22/45 model pistols.

Since it does not rely on gravity, it allows for reliable slingshot style operation regardless of position or orientation.  In addition the looseness and rattling of the typical slingshot mod is eliminated.  

The function of the pistol is otherwise completely unaffected.  The bolt will lock open as usual after the last shot from the magazine has been fired.

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